Monday, April 11, 2011

Business Coaching (English version)

I would like to share a little of my experience as a coachee in business coaching. The writer finds coaching technique in business is very effective. One of the main reasons why this particular coach works for me because he does not focus on the service fee. It is not business first but the transformation of coachee is the main focus. Naturally a sincere relationship develops between the coach and coachee with the main goal is positive transformation. Though nothing is free. Of course when the coachee has transformed positively and the business is doing well, (for some really well), wouldn't we say, why not I pay this coach his due for the time and effort he has spent on me. In short why make money stop our good intention. In fact an entrepreneur with healthy business mind set will create a healthy business environment.

Coaching to me is about business awareness, though most of the time business awareness leads to life awareness since business and life are very closely related. We say we already know what to do, in us is the complete tool to develop our business and the coach is there to bring it out from within us. Hence the approach is not to tell us what to do but to widen and deepen our awareness.

This is not a mythical thing, in fact most of the transformation happened while meeting at the coffee table, most of the time at places like McD and mamak stall. It is a powerful technique that you don't need a fancy hotel seminar room. A simple example is in football the coach is there not to play the game for us but to bring out the best in us. The same in business coaching, the coach is not there to take over our business and run it for us. Rather with our increased awareness we are able to run the business better.

Two people practicing a sport, both of them put a lot of effort and hard work but one practice with a coach and the other practice by himself, who do we think will succeed better. The one without a coach maybe practicing hard but worst if the effort is on the wrong direction. To Be Continued NB (sekarang group kita ada Facebook "Hidup Usahawan").

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  1. Salam bro...

    Tahniah on your sharing... i agree a 100%.
    Looking forward to see you coach more to others... i am there if you need me in your journey... HIDUP USAHAWAN!!!